Specialist Consultancy and Troubleshooting

What to do when your build goes wrong…

With ACD in charge you should find that your build runs smoothly, according to schedule and budget. Without professional assistance things don’t always run to plan and we are occasionally asked to provide specialist assistance to clients who have found that their proposed building projects are not progressing as they should. 

My build is over budget…

We understand budgetary constraints. But the financial impact of poor budgeting can be substantial. Employing an experienced team at the very early stages of any building project can save time, money and provide you with immense support and comfort. You know what’s ahead and what it will really cost because all the building decisions have been made to accommodate your budget. 

If you find, in the process of the build, that you now need additional support to bring the budget back in line, we are experienced in troubleshooting and we would be more than happy to assist. It really is a truism that you can’t buy experience and knowledge, especially in this bespoke field. 

Our consultancy service can ensure your aspirations are met. We can attend project meetings to provide quality control and checks on the works. We also give advice on key materials and can monitor pricing and valuations.  

Many of our clients first came to us when they desperately needed to control a fast-growing project cost, or to accelerate a construction programme that has affected the client’s business model by running out of control. We have many repeat customers who feel safe in our hands and through our experience we can guide you through such challenging times. 

Expert Witness

If you are experiencing problems and are facing the unfortunate situation of a tribunal or arbitration we can also act as an Expert Witness. Our knowledge and experience in the animal welfare industry means that we can be extremely helpful to a court or other judicial bodies in helping to understand the issues in a case, and, thereby, reach a sound and just decision.


We often find that our specialist consultancy service suits our international clients who have local architects already employed. More information on this can be found in our International Services page.

To find out more about our Specialist Consultancy services, get in touch using the Contact Form below.