How we work

If you’re looking to expand, convert, renovate or build a new veterinary practice or animal welfare centre, ACD Projects can help. Our multi-disciplinary team support you from the initial concept design phase, all the way through to completion on site. 

Every project is bespoke and follows a general way of working. You might need support at any or all of these stages. Contact us for expert help at any point, or use us for the whole build. 

  • Free Initial Meeting

    To understand your specific situation and requirements, and to further explain our services to you, we offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation anywhere in the UK.  If you are further afield we may suggest a phone call in the first instance to see how we might be able to help. 

  • Phase 1 – Feasibility Study for Sites or Buildings

    Whether it’s an existing building you’re looking to improve or expand, or an empty site you wish to build on, you’ll need a feasibility study to start. This study will help you understand the options open to you, so you can assess whether your project is viable and commercially the right option for you. 

    What a feasibility study for your build can provide: 

    • an assessment of the site, considering its limitations 
    • an initial concept design – we’ll work on a few iterations with you based on your wish list (we try and get this as accurate as possible at this stage but can iron out the details during the next 2 phases) 
    • cost estimate and breakdown for the project based on our experience in this sector.  

    This means by the end of the process you have an idea of how much it’s going to cost you, before you’ve committed to the build. We can even help you prepare a plan to present to lenders in order to raise finance. 

  • Phase 2 – Planning

    Once you’re happy with the design and layout of your new building, we’ll help you get planning permission. Information needed for planning permission for your veterinary build includes: 

    • drawings, elevations and 3D visuals 
    • design and access statements  
    • any other forms that are required in the area or specific to the build 
    • ACD Projects can also complete and submit the application form.  

    We have a great track record of getting planning approval for our clients. We understand the planning process and planning law and also know our sector. This means we can pre-empt the pitfalls that might otherwise delay your application. 

  • Phase 3 – Tender

    We always recommend going for competitive commercial tendering – even if you already know a builder. For a project on any size or complexity, evaluation based on cost and competency is essential.

    Every project is different and sometimes time constraints may mean you have to act in a different way. In these situations, we can advise on all types of procurement methods, including ‘Traditional’ as well as ‘Design-and-Build’ and ‘Negotiated’ forms of contract.  

    Whichever option you choose, we will compile a highly-detailed set of drawings and ‘room data sheets’, which include everything from the materials and finishes to the necessary mechanical and electrical information requirements.  

    This detail helps to prevent any mistakes or omissions on the tender or unexpected costs or delays during the build.

  • Phase 4 – Tender Evaluation and Contract

    To help you choose the right builder we will: 

    • evaluate the tender returns  
    • conduct due diligence on the company 
    • give you our professional judgement and recommendations based on this research (but of course the final decision will remain with you) 
    • assist you by preparing a contract of appointment for the contractor 
    • if required, prepare a letter of intent for the commencement of the contract. 
  • Phase 5 – Project Management

    At this point we can prepare the necessary construction contracts (including Bills of Quantities or a Cost Plan Analysis) – which you may need if bank loans are required.  

    We will: 

    •  review the construction throughout the build 
    • attend site either monthly or bi-weekly 
    • run regular progress meetings 
    • monitor the contract  
    • deal with the contractors’ questions, variation requests, and any issues that arise 
    • record any matters that have financial implications, so there are no surprises for you at the end 

    Did you know? If you need to keep your business running during a renovation or extension we can help plan to minimise disruption. 

Would you like to know more about what’s involved in a build? Call us to discuss your project or book a free initial meeting.  

Or if you’re not based in the UK, see our International Services page for more information on how we can help.