Interior Design

The inside of your building can look as good as the outside

Whether you run a veterinary centre, rehoming kennels, or a zoo, you’ll be keen for your facility to not only be practical and well laid-out, but also be to be welcoming to your clients, enjoyable for your staff, and comfortable for the animals.  

At ACD we’re fully aware of these requirements and regulation and can help you achieve the perfect balance and aspirations.  


Matching your brand to the practice interior

We understand the importance of dovetailing your brand in with your build at the early stages, fusing creativity, commercial understanding and quality and balanced that with function, practicality and cleanliness.  

As well as incorporating your brand into the design features, at ACD we can design an efficient layout, whilst advising you on materials and details that are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally responsible, long-lasting and, of course, suitable for animals.  

Our understanding of how animals interact with their surroundings means that we can also advise you on features that will create a fear-free and healthier environment for your patients.  This includes considering the use of colours on the walls, the acoustic environment, and the use of antiseptic materials.  


Clients welcome!

We understand that customers are often nervous and apprehensive and we will ensure your clients and their animals are made to feel welcome and will not be subjected to the noises and aromas that many badly designed premises suffer from. We’ll make sure they have all the right cues to put them in a positive frame of mind and appreciate your professionalism. 


Plan ahead to create the right ambience

We’ll make sure you’re aware of all of your options, and that you understand the implications of certain decisions. With all of this advice on hand, you can be sure you’re making the right decisions for your build. We ‘add value’ by having a multi-disciplinary approach and in-house team, delivering individual designs to the high standard. 

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