Clients Representative

What role does a client representative play in a build?

  • Engages with other stakeholders
  • Ensures all team members are kept fully informed 
  • Keeps everyone on track with what they have to do 
  • Ensures everything is proceeding according to plan 

In summary, a client representative looks after your interests, treating the build as if it were their own, from start to finish. 

ACD Client Representative Service

At ACD we ensure that your expectations and requirements are fulfilled from inception to completion of your building project. Your client’s representative will ensure your needs are met throughout, giving you the time to do what you do best in your business, without distraction.  

We are a multi-disciplinary firm and can take your project right through from end-to-end but there will be other stakeholders we need to engage with during the build. All these team members need to be on the same page and heading in the same direction to achieve your dream build.  

We’ll monitor progress of the project throughout and ensure all team members are fully informed about every aspect of a project’s development, keeping everything on track and as planned.  

Problem Build? We can help

In some cases, you may have already started on-site but are having difficulties or problems with the project. There may be disputes between different parties, with each refusing to take any blame. Perhaps it’s not even clear which solution you should choose for a particular aspect of the build?  

We can be brought in as your client representative and help constructively ‘problem-solve’ so that things get back on track, helping you to maintain positive relationships going forwards. 

We can advise or represent you on single or multi-scale developments and act as funding body representatives, or third-party advisers.  

To find out more about our Client’s Representative services, get in touch using the Contact Form below.