Building for animals isn’t as simple as some might think…

How do your staff, clients and the animals move around the building?
Where do you spot clean and where do you wash down? 
What animals are you going to house?  (dog urine doesn’t agree with all materials, while cats have a nasty habit of pulling out certain types of mastic!)
What medical gases are you going to have – will they be piped or bottled?

It all adds up to much more to think about than a normal office, or even a human hospital. At ACD Projects we know what questions to ask.


At ACD we take a multi-disciplinary approach to your build

Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Mechanical and Electrical Services, and Project Management, is all under one roof, so you know that you’ll get experts in not only those fields but also in dealing with building for animals.  

Whether you choose us for one or all our services, we work for you. This means that throughout your project we’ll be communicating with you on a regular basis, asking you for your thoughts and ideas, offering our own based on our experience, and advising you on the implications of any decisions. 

Whilst our services are competitively priced, we may in fact save you much more in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes and pitfalls that can catch out the inexperienced. 

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3D Designs

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International Services

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