Project Management

Why do I need a project manager for my build?

A project manager has several main responsibilities: 

  • Ensures your project is efficiently planned 
  • Keeps the build on time through the various phases, ensuring deadlines are met  
  • Ensures the execution of the project is up to standard 
  • Controls the budget 

ACD Project Managers have a huge amount of combined experience, working on developments of all shapes and sizes, with particular expertise in the animal welfare and veterinary sectors.  

Every project is different so your project manager will work with you to agree a comprehensive brief of your requirements and use that for the management, monitoring and implementation of your project. This includes the organisation of appropriate resources and consultants required to meet cost, time and performance objectives.  

Procurement Methods

There are several different approaches to procurement: 

  • Traditional – this separates design and build, with separate negotiations with each party. Contractors are asked to bid based on the designs. 
  • Design & Build – a single company performs the design and construction under a single contract 
  • Negotiated – A contract that is agreed without putting it out to tender 

We can advise on the pros and cons of each approach and will support you along the way, whichever option you choose.  

If you decide to go down the Traditional route and go out to tender, we can help you find a selection of potential contractors in your area, supply them with all the detailed information they need to submit a competent tender return, evaluate these and carry out due diligence on the company. We’ll then offer our professional judgement and recommendation on what we consider to be the best options.  

Contract Administrator

Your project manager can prepare the contracts you might need: 

Funders will often require bespoke contracts and assurances. At ACD we have the experience in designing, checking and implementing such contracts, be it bespoke or from the standard contract suites. 

Project Management

Depending on how much help you need, we’ll review the construction throughout the build, checking for compliance and quality by regularly attending site and chairing progress meetings.  

We’ll also monitor the contract and deal with the contractors’ questions, variation requests, and any issues that arise; recording any matters that have financial implications so there are no surprises for you at the end. 

To find out more about our Project Management services, please get in touch using our Contact Form below.