Building Surveying

Why does my build need a surveyor?

We have an experienced chartered building surveying division, possessing a wealth of expertise in the animal welfare and veterinary sectors. Many people wonder what a surveyor brings to a build until they actually start on the project and realise that these are essential services.  

How will a surveyor improve my building?

  • Acquisition and disposal surveys – this is a thorough inspection that highlights any issues that might affect your plans and also helps you evaluate what you should pay for a site or expect to recoup from selling existing premises. 
  • General building and structural surveys, including the evaluation of engineering services – every year more conditions are placed on drainage and disposal of fluids from veterinary buildings. Being aware of all the latest regulations and knowing how to make a building not only safe but comfortable for everyone ensures it will be fit for purpose for many years.  
  • Dilapidations – disputes at the end of a lease are not uncommon, based on the state of the repair of the building. We can ensure valuations are fair and accurate. 
  • Condition appraisal, monitoring and stock surveys 
  • Planned maintenance schedules and facilities management advice – help with the maintenance required to keep the mechanical elements like heating and air conditioning working for the long term. 
  • Site, building or building element pathology – help when things go wrong 
  • The management of refurbishment and maintenance projects – ensuring everything is done to the correct specification 
  • Multi-site works, portfolio assessments and surveys – deciding whether a site complements any existing sites and fits your business ethos. 
  • Party Wall and boundary procedures – helping you get along with the neighbours! 
  • Conservation and historic building works to listed buildings – when you would like to adapt a building with character or history. 
  • Development monitoring for client lenders, developers or occupiers – keeping stakeholders informed of progress on the build. 
  • Phased and programmed works with live occupation to prevent business disruption – ensuring you can continue to work while the building work goes on around you. 
  • Insurance investigations – where buildings are damaged as a result of fire, flood or other events. 
  • General building and property advice for landlords or tenants – helping to assess the suitability of a build as a veterinary premises. 
  • Accessibility surveys – making sure your build is safe and accessible for those with disabilities and to comply with legislation. 

If you would like to use any or all of these services, our experienced surveyors can help. Just give us a call or get in touch using the Contact Form below to talk through your project.