Principal Designer – CDM2015

 What’s my role and how can you help?

Commercial clients have a crucial influence over how projects are run, including the management of health and safety risks, whatever the project size.

The Construction Design Management Regulations (CDM2015) place legal obligations for health and safety during the build on you, the client.

ACD Projects can assist and advise on the necessary appointments, notifications and documents required to ensure the project is run within this statutory framework and that your duties are fulfilled. This is based on the principal values of avoiding risks where possible, evaluating those risks that cannot be avoided and putting in place proportionate measures that control them at source. 

CDM 2015 strives to promote: 

  • The management of risks 
  • Appointments 
  • Consultation and engagement 
  • Cooperation, communication and coordination 

The CDM Regulations enable the interaction of Health and Safety throughout the management structure of the project, by involving the client’s team, the design team, contractors and other stakeholders, encouraging all parties to more effectively work together. 

Your practice or future practice needs to have information on key health and safety factors to hand, even if you choose not to go ahead with your project! ACD will ensure you comply with the relevant legislation, such as asbestos registers. 

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